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Welcome to the EJet500 - Pilot Training and Services, LLC web site.

EJet500 is made up of a group of flight training specialists from the former Eclipse Aviation Training Department. Our pilots are dedicated to providing high quality training and pilot services for the Owners and Operators of the Eclipse 500 aircraft.
Eclipse 500
EJet500 instructors designated as EA500 Pilot Proficiency Examiners (PPE). Approved to do annual FAR 61.58 recurrency checkrides.

EJet500 has FAA approval for Initial Type Training Program.

EJet500 training is FAA approved and honored by ALL insurance companies.

EJet500 offers a Mentoring program based on the needs of each individual pilot. Please review our Training Requirements section for an explanation of our Mentoring program.

EJet500 Instructor Pilots deliver FAA-approved training that emphasizes Aircraft Flight Manual review of systems, emergency procedures, operating techniques, and trends, seasonal operations, airmanship, and safety.

EJet500 Pilot Services can help you move your airplane or provide you with a pilot to fly a trip. Call us; we have a full range of services that will fit your needs!

EJet500 Pilot Training and Services
We have the best rates in the industry so, come on, come fly with us!
You can call Mike Petrofes at 505-235-6554 or write Mike at mpetrofes@live.com to schedule your training or arrange for other pilot services.